Lent 2015 – Day 01: God is with us!

My best wishes to all of you as we start our Lenten journey. During yesterday’s mass our parish priest spoke about the theological reason behind abstaining from eating meat and other animal products during lent. He took us on a journey back to Adam and Eve’s original sin and how in paradise they were in harmony with all creatures and therefore didn’t eat meat. By abstaining from meat, living a life of forgiveness and harmony with other around us, we are showing our longing for this life of oneness with God or Paradise which our Saviour granted us through his cross and resurrection.

Today we start the service of the Great Compline and today’s pick is from this service by SEM Lebanon.

God is with us

God is with us, know it you nations and be submissive,
For God is with us. Hear it to the ends  of the earth. For God is with us. You mighty shall be defeated. For God is with us. Even if you should prevail, again you will be defeated, For God is with us. Whatever plan you conceive, the Lord will destroy, For God is with us. Whatever word you shall speak shall not abide among you, For God is with us. Your terror we shall never fear, nor be disturbed by it, For God is with us. The Lord, our God, him shall we bless, and only him do we fear. For God is with us. And if I trust in him, it shall be a blessing to me, For God is with us.

And I shall trust in him, and shall, be saved by him, For God is with us. Lo, I and the children which God has given to me, For God is with us. The people that walked in darkness saw a great light, For God is with us. Upon us, who dwell in the land of the shadow of death, a light shall shine, For God is with us. For a Child was born unto us, a Son, and was given to us, For God is with us. Whose government is upon his shoulder, For God is with us. And of his peace, there shall be no boundary, For God is with us. And his name shall be called: Messenger of the Divine Will, For God is with us. Wonderful Counselor, For God is with us. Mighty God, Master, Prince of Peace, For God is with us. Father of the age to come, For God is with us. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, For God is with us. Now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.

For God is with us.

The two choruses together, slowly:

God is with us, know it you nations and be submissive,
For God is with us.

— Jack Rabah


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