The end of a season and the start of another

While Pentecost marks the start of spread of Christianity around the world, it also marks the end of a season dear to my hear, the Lent and Easter season. Not only does this period of the year include the most beautiful services and chants with their deep theological meanings, but it also forms a bridge between winter and summer times. As if the year’s seasons echo the dark and cold Passion of Christ and follows it with the bright and warm Resurrection.

Perhaps people in Palestine, hundreds of years ago, had a better way of keeping tracks of time than our sophisticated and frenzied life. Seasons following the Sun, the land harvest seasons, and religious seasons for the different religious groups living in Palestine guided people year round. Even back then, Lent time and Easter season were important and marked an important part of their calendar. Enjoy the Summer and look forward to this cycle to repeat next year!

Following is the story of Pentecost as told by SEM Lebanon choir:

— Jack Rabah


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