Christ has Risen!

I wish you all a Happy Easter Season! Christos Anesti .. Alithos Anesti!

I managed to squeeze in a recording before I got busy with Holy Week services 🙂

It is a cry of hope from the women visiting Christ’s tomb on Easter morning for him to Rise and he has risen indeed!

Similarly I echo their call and ask God to help us all Rise away from our troubles, Rise up to our responsibilities, and Rise in faith and rejoice the Rising Christ together!

Ikos: The myrrh-bearing women forestalled the dawn, seeking, as it were day, the Sun that was before the sun and Who had once set in the tomb, and they cried out one to another: O friends! come, let us anoint with spices the life-bringing and buried Body, the Flesh that raised up fallen Adam, that now lieth in the tomb. Let us go, let us hasten, like the Magi, and let us worship and offer myrrh as a gift to Him Who is wrapped now not in swaddling clothes but in a shroud. And let us weep and cry aloud: O Master, arise, Thou Who dost grant resurrection to the fallen.

— Jack Rabah


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