Lent 2014 – Day 33: Another go at home recording …

Last time I wanted to try recording some chants at home, I spent half a day putting together my mini studio equipment which have been collecting dust for at least a year. Finally all is connected and I try a few sound bytes and it all sounds well. I leave home and when I come back in the afternoon, something is not right! Only one channel (R) is working in the mixer. After a lot of tinkering around and searching the net for help I figured something went bad inside the mixer. My doubts were confirmed when I took the mixer to a specialized repairman.

Today a few months later, I got a replacement for my mixer and here is the first try.. there are some things to be tuned.. I hope it doesn’t burn before I get to fine tune things 🙂

The prayer is from the end of the compline service to our Lord Jesus Christ.

And grant unto us, O Master, when we depart to sleep, repose of body and soul; and protect us
from the murky sleep of sin and from all the dark pleasures of the night. Calm the impulses of
passions, and quench the fiery darts of evil which are craftily thrown against us; check the
turbulence of our flesh, and still all earthly and material thoughts. And grant us, O God, a
prudent reason, a vigilant heart, a tranquil sleep free from all the fantasies of Satan. Raise us up
again at the time of prayer strengthened in Thy commandments, holding steadfastly within us the
remembrance of Thy judgments. Grant us grace to glorify Thee all through the night that we may
praise, and bless, and glorify Thine all-honorable and majestic Name, of the Father, and of the
Son, and of the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages.

— Jack Rabah


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