Christos Anesti .. . Alithos Anesti

My dear friends,

It has been a few days since I posted and it feels like I have been away for weeks! It has been a great journey with you over the past couple of months I hope it will continue for a long time.

Starting Thursday morning I got really busy with Holy Week services and then Easter Sunday service (in two churches). Add to that kids and family and you have zero time to do anything else.

On the other hand, it was a wonderful time, especially chanting all the wonderful services of this season. Now we start a new season, the season of the resurrection and I send to each one of you the blessings of the season and much love!

Here are a few photos from the Easter service starting around midnight on Sat in Taybeh. I was invited by Fr. Jack Abed to chant the service of the Matins and Divine Liturgy there this Easter.

I leave you with this homemade recording from 2011:

Chant text:
Doxastikon of the Praises (Plagal of the First Tone)
It is the day of Resurrection; let us be radiant for the festival, and let us embrace one another. Let us say, O brethren, even to those that hate us: Let us forgive all things on the Resurrection; and thus let us cry: Christ is risen from the dead, by death He has trampled down death, and on those in the tombs He has bestowed life.

— Jack Rabah


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