Holy Week 2013: A voice from Jordan

I finish work about an hour before service starts, so I was there about 30 minutes early, but that was just what I needed. Being at church feels good and relaxes the body and spirit. I encourage you all to spend more time at church either before or after the services. Have a great day!

I leave you with the beautiful voice of Melkite Deacon Imad Bawab from Amman, Jordan.

Deacon Imad Bawab

Deacon Imad Bawab

The chant is from the Pasa Pnoi of the Holy Tuesday Service (Monday Night):

Chant Text:

Idiomelon. Mode 1.
Praise Him for His mighty acts, praise Him according to the abundance of His greatness.

How shall I enter into the splendor of Your saints since I am unworthy? For if I dare to enter the wedding hall along with them, my garment will betray me, for it is not fit for the wedding; and then I shall be bound and cast out by the Angels. I pray You, O Lord, to wash away the stains on my soul, and save me since You love humanity.

— Jack Rabah

Photo from Imad Bawab’s facebook.


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