Lent 2013 Day 35: On the road to Jerusalem

As we prepare for the Holy Week and the journey of our Savior’s sufferings, we look onto Jerusalem with eyes full of tears. Not only because we relive the passions of our Lord, but also because of the condition of Jerusalem today. Let us hope that the rising Christ will bring us all the long desired peace we are looking for.

Sixth Tone (Maqam Hijaz Kar)
1-Rejoice, O Bethany! unto thee God hath come
Through whom the dead live. Why can it not be! for He is the Life.
2-Martha hath welcomed him crying and weeping.
As she saw him, she released her deep sorrow.
3-Swiftly she cried: “O, my Lord, how compassionate Thou art!
Help me! my heart hath fainted at the loss of my brother!”
4-He said: “Refrain from weeping and cease thy wailing,
and know that thy brother will soon rise from the dead.”
5-Then toward the tomb went the faithful Redeemer
where he called unto Lazarus: “Rise, O buried one!”
6-Come, O sisters! and see that wonder.
The buried one came back to life so, give thanks to the beloved Redeemer
7-Unto thee, O Lord of creation, we fall down in awe.
We are dead in our sins, but, O Jesus, we live in thee.

— Jack Rabah


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