Lent 2013 Day 18: The day of rest…

Finally tomorrow is Friday and I can get some rest! If the kids decide to behave 🙂

On that note I leave you with one of the most important chants of the Holy Week from Friday night lamentations service, Great Moses chanted by Protopsaltis Bachir Osta and choir.

And for those who enjoy the Arabic twist or flavor, here it is again by Melkite Protopsalt Fouad Harraka from Australia:

Chant Lyrics:

Great Moses mystically prefigured this present day when he said ‘and God blessed the seventh day.’ For this is the blessed Sabbath, this the day of rest on which the only-begotten Son of God rested from all his works. Through the dispensation in accordance with death, he kept the Sabbath in the flesh, and, returning once again to what he was, through the Resurrection he has granted us eternal life, for he alone is good and loves mankind.

— Jack Rabah


5 thoughts on “Lent 2013 Day 18: The day of rest…

  1. Yes indeed, they are very good protopsalts!
    I looked on youtube for more of them and I liked very much what I found 🙂 and I thank you for this!
    I have also something for you and for this lent period: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyJ3hQjdbKo
    This is Giorgos Fanaras a great protopsalt and he is singing my favorite chant of the Good Friday.
    Sorry that I couldn’t find a better video or audio.


  2. Thanks Ana,

    Yes I got introduced to G. Fanaras when SEM hosted him in Lebanon and heard to some of the chants they performed on TeleLumiere TV and on YouTube. He’s got a great voice!

    Here’s another singer/chanter you can enjoy, Petros Gaitanos:


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